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CFC main blades 47 cm/10/3 CHAMPION


Product no.: MS-20470S
Manufacturer: MS Composit
our price without Tax : 48.51 €
our price including Tax (21 %):
58.70 €

Recommended for PROTOS Stretch,LA SNIPER,ECO 8,Robbe S4

CFC main blades 47 cm/10/3 CHAMPION:

  • Weight: 70g
  • Width: 44mm
  • Length: 470mm
  • Root: 10mm
  • Hole: 3mm

Carbon blades of Champion line

are designed to a wide spectrum of RC helicopter pilots, from a begginers up to a professional 3D specialists.

Thanks to an extraordinary rigidity in a bend as well as in a torsion, these blades have a steady performance also in the very hard 3D maneuvres. The beginning pilot can value a high resistivity against small collision.

Due to attentively selected and precisely folowed airfoil, the Champion blades work with a smaller aerodynamic resistance also at big angle of pitch, which means smaller power consumption. It is a big value, at first for 3D pilots during hard aerobatic maneuvers, but also the common pilots can fly longer time especially with electric powered helicopters.

Carbon blades Champion line

are made with high exactness in a hardened steel molds and from a high-quality materials used in an aircraft industry. Manufacturing process of the material is within high temperatures and pressures, which give to this material exellent mechanical properties. Production is applied by machine method by the utilization of a CNC technology. That is the guarantee of a high and permanent quality of these blades.