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Karel Vorel - MSC
Tursko 37
252 65 Tursko - CZECH REPUBLIC
phone: +420 602 178 926


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Our company started 1993 year under Modelsport name. This company provided the commercial activity, concerning the modelling, oriented to RC aeromodels and helicopters. The company offered the complete service and consultant activity, completed with flying training of RC models of planes and helicopters.

In the year 2000 our company under new name MS Composit placed the unique RC micro-helicopter Hornet of own production on the market, which was, with in an other way designed helicopter Picollo of the German company Ikarus, the only one product of this type in the world. With this product started a big boom of this category of RC models in the world of aeromodels.

Today the company continues to product accessories for these models. It continues to produce at present worldwide well-known rotor blades of carbon and glass composites for all types of RC helicopters of all categories.

It deals with commercial activity, sale, export and import of articles, concerning this very interesting line of business. In connection with the commercial activity, our company offers also the necessary service related to the sale and operation of RC models, namely of helicopters.