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Introduction » Night Magic Blades RGB LED

Night Magic Blades RGB LED

Dear customers, we are sorry, but all these products are out of stock and currently out of production.

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LED based rotor blades that are able to display color animations, text and pictures.

Night Magic Blades RGB Ready

  • Strong carbon fiber construction with glass fiber window for LEDs
  • Able to display eight color picture on the helicopter rotor in range from 100 to maximal construction RPM
  • Rechargeable external battery
  • The pictures are stable also in TIC-TOC
  • The rotor blades do not require any special additional connection wiring or any electronic upgrade of your helicopter
  • Fully autonomous picture synchronization system in the battery holder
  • Automatic battery charger inside of the blade
  • Prepared for external commander controlled from free radio channel

Blades are manufactured as follows:

  • 325mm – 26 LED RGB
  • 425mm – 37 LEd RGB
  • 515mm – 48 LED RGB
  • 550mm – 48 LED RGB
  • 600mm – 53 LED RGB
  • 680mm – 64 LED RGB
  • 710mm – 64 LED RGB
  • 770mm – 74 LED RGB
  • 800mm – 74 LED RGB

In the case of greater interest we´ll also plan the following types:

  • 360mm
  • 380mm
  • 470mm

Blades will contain a memory for more than 400 images. We were tried to add micro USB connector for charging and programming directly to the blade. Since the micro USB connector was too tight fitting (which could damage the blade), we have decided to make a very simple DONGLE.
Changes were also made to Night Magic Blades manager – renamed to NMB designer. NMB designer will be given to all new blades. It is enhanced with new features, such as drawing, copying, zooming, also contains slide’s base layers, etc. …