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Introduction » CFC Rotor Blades Classic Line » CFC main blades 71 cm 3D PRO/12/4+5


CFC main blades 71 cm 3D PRO/12/4+5


Product no.: MS-67108
Manufacturer: MS Composit
our price without Tax : 43.80 €
our price including Tax (21 %):
53.00 €

For the highest demands, MS Composit developed the PRO series. The PRO series, available in both FAI and 3D versions, introduce different internal blade construction. This, together with additional carbon material further increases the blade stiffness. This eliminates blade flattering even in turns with very high g. In turn this eliminates vibration caused by blade flutter and results in a more stable helicopter even in the most extreme manoeuvres or situations.

Engineering characteristic

Weight: 175 g
Length: 710 mm
Blade type: 3D PRO
Root: 12 mm
Bolt: 4+5 mm
Profile: 2S
Recommended for brands: class 60 and 90 - FUTURA, Millenium