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Introduction » CFC Rotor Blades Classic Line » CFC main blades 51,5 cm/12/3


CFC main blades 51,5 cm/12/3


Product no.: MS-35153
Manufacturer: MS Composit
our price without Tax : 49.01 €
our price including Tax (21 %):
59.30 €

Recommended for Concept 30, Logo 10, Shuttle 30.

CFC main blades 51,5 cm/12/3:

  • Weight: 100 g
  • Length: 515 mm
  • Blade type: Standard
  • Root: 12 mm
  • Bolt: 3 mm
  • Profile: 2S
  • Recommended for brands: Concept 30, Logo10, Shuttle 30

Blades are designed to maintain the manoeuvrability needed, but keeping the stability of the model for FAI exercises on high level. The full symmetric profile of the blade makes the aerobatics easy and stable.