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Introduction » CFC Tail Rotor Blades » CFC Tail blade 105mm


CFC Tail blade 105mm



Product no.: MS-70105-FC
Manufacturer: MS Composit
Length: 105mm
Width: 29mm
Root: 5mm
Hole: 3mm
Weight: 7g
our price without Tax : 23.14 €
our price including Tax (21 %):
28.00 €

The new generation of MS xxxxxFC tail propellers are manufactured using the highest quality carbon prepreg materials in precise steel molds under high temperatures and pressures, which guarantees excellent quality of the composite. This gives the products excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability even under extreme conditions. A hard foam core is used in these propellers to further increase rigidity. Production in precise molds using CNC technology ensures the constancy of the quality and mechanical properties of the products produced in this way, even after a long time.