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Introduction » CFC Tail Rotor Blades » CFC Tail Blades 116 mm/5/3


CFC Tail Blades 116 mm/5/3



Product no.: MS-953116
Manufacturer: MS Composit
our price without Tax : 24.96 €
our price including Tax (21 %):
30.20 €

CFC Tail Blades 116 mm/5/3:

  • Length: 116 mm
  • Blade type: Standard
  • Root: 5 mm
  • Bolt: 3 mm
  • Profile: Symm


  • MS Composit manufactures a broad line of carbon composite tail rotor blades. The tail rotor blades manufacturing technology is derived from the main rotor blades, and ensures high blade performance in all situations. All MS Composits tail rotor blades are dynamically balanced and tested for overload. The security factor (blade dynamic overload) is 2.1 for all types of tail blades.