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Introduction » Night Tail Blades » Night Tail Blades 106 mm/5/3-LiPol Blue


Night Tail Blades 106 mm/5/3-LiPol Blue


Product no.: MS-953106LiB
our price without Tax : 52.81 €
our price including Tax (21 %):
63.90 €

Carbon night tail rotor blades Lenght 106mm suitable for RC helicopters size 90/700.

Blades have LED lights and LiPol accu integrated in the construction. Accu cappacity is 20mAh.

Time of working after charging is 60min. We strongly recommend to use our special charger MS-00108
for charging. Switching on is realized by inserting of connectors (MS-00109) that are included in the set.

Set includes:

pair of blades, switching connectors (2pcs), manual.

Engineering characteristic

Weight: 8g
Length: 106mm
Root: 5mm
Hole: 3mm