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Introduction » Night Magic Blades RGB LED » Night Magic blades 425mm /37 LED RGB


Night Magic blades 425mm /37 LED RGB


Product no.: 425RGB-37
our price without Tax : 249.00 €
our price including Tax (21 %):
301.29 €

Night Magic Designer Tutorial - Create animation

Product Description

  • Strong carbon fiber construction with glass fiber window for LEDs

  • Able to display eight color picture on the helicopter rotor in range from 100 to 2700 RPM

  • Rechargeable external battery

  • The pictures are stable also in TIC-TOC

  • The capacity of the blade memory is 1096 graphic images

  • The rotor blades do not require any special additional connection wiring or any electronic upgrade of your helicopter

  • Fully autonomous picture synchronization system in the battery holder

  • Automatic battery charger inside of the blade

  • Prepared for external commander controlled from free radio channel

  • Blades are made with hole 3 mm and 6 mm root size with spacers to 9 mm

Product package includes:

  • Upside 425mm blade with 37 RGB LED´s, LiPo external battery

  • Downside 425mm blade with 37 RGB LED´s, LiPo external battery

  • NMBDongleV06 for programming the blades and charging the external batteries

  • Printed instruction manual